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Monday, 30 December 2013

Hashy New Year #614 - SATURDAY - Jan 4th


Happy Hashy New Year to all Harriers and Harriettes!
Due to the heat wave, we'll be running later in the day, when hopefully it'll be a little cooler. Join us on our tour of beautiful mansions, Cristina's place (great place for a beer stop), yacht clubs and sunset by the river. On on!

SATURDAY 4th January
Meet at 17.30, to run at 18.00
(We want to be back for sunset, so please be prompt!)

On grass near Bar Costa Solis, Urquiza and Solis, Vicente Lopez

Bus: The 21, 29, 161 and 168 all pass nearby.
Train: Mitre (Tigre) train, get off at Vicente Lopez station and walk.
Car: Lots of street parking, or large area of grass off Solis.

Meeting point - directions from Vicente Lopez train station:
If coming from Capital, cross over the footbridge to Libertador. Turn left. Walk two blocks to Urquiza. Turn right and head towards river. Solis is two blocks on your right.


The $20 is just for beer. No food is included.
If anyone wants to stay and enjoy the river a little longer, food (and more beer) is available at Bar Costa Solis or one of the nearby snack shacks.

What to bring:
Hash cash, Hash Gear, Hash drinking vessel and a smile.

Chorizo Lover: 11 4401 2506
Cheap Lice: 11 3183 5331
Smells like Fish: 11 3760 4496
Blanca Wanka: 11 2193 2262

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