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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Get Your Red Dresses Out - It's Red Dress Run Time!

Red Dress Run SATURDAY - April 26th - 4pm.......

Yes, after all the fun with St Patrick and the Fiesta hashes in March, hash number 622 will be on Saturday April 26th, and it's the Anal Red Dress Run. So get out your Red dresses, your red stockings, your bustiers, your baby doll nighties, your red bras, your garters.... And GIRLS, you can get yours out too..... YES, it's THE RED DRESS RUN.... Note the title, Red Dresses should be worn by all!!! No exceptions, we have plenty of examples from days gone by with some wonderful creations - Who could forget Drill My holes's little Red Number from last years 20th Burpday Bash event,,,,,

Full details will be released next week, but in simple terms, Forest Drunk, Blanka Wanka, Can't Say No and El Diablo will be hareing and hosting, and for the very low price (your Hash loves you), of only AR$130, you get a Run in the sun, you get to show off your best fashion items, you also get your Hash Beer and wonderful down downs PLUS.... Thanks to our favourite Hash Hosting Publican, Javier at Treffen bar, two drinks after the circle in the Bar, finger food, and dancing the night away in our own private room at Treffen Bar.....

So some on and don't be shy - Prizes may be awarded to the best attired Hasher....

We do need to know the numbers for catering purposes, so please respond to this if you are coming along. Either by posting here, or to the Facebook Page - We desperately need to know who's coming so we can get this great deal at the Bar.

Just to let you know the Hash Calendar has also been updated (It's on the right, click the page and amazingly it pops up on the screen so you can see the dates and places for the next few Hashes)...... El Diablo is our New Hare Raiser, and he'll be after you for July onwards, so be prepared :).....


  1. Where is the Red Dress Run starting from?

  2. It will be based at Treffen bar, at 178 Piedras, Montserrat, near to Avenida de Mayo... Full details will be posted in the next day or so...


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