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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hash #622 - The BA Anal Red Dress Run - SATURDAY April 26th, 2014

Yes, you all know it's been coming, and here it is arriving - The World Infamous BA Hash House Harriers Anal Red Dress Run....

This fantastic Day will take place this Saturday, starting at TREFFEN Bar, at Piedras 178, Montserrat, in Capital Federal. From there the sights of BA will be visited, or the hash will be THE sight in BA this weekend. Note that Red Dresses are Compulsory, and fines of down downs with water or other non-alcoholic and foul tasting concoctions will be issued as punishment if the fashion police don't feel you have entered into the Hashing Spirit!!!

This Hash will cost $130 and included is;

* Hash Beer
* 2 x Drinks in Treffen
* Food (Pizza, chips, chicken nuggats, meatballs, and aubergine)
* Dancing / music and our own room all night.

No IOU's accepted and is all inclusive.

Arrive at 16.00 - run at 16.30.

Hares, Forest Drunk, Blanca Wanka, El Diablo and Can't Say No


On On

Now, if you check out the Facebook Page, you will see we are desperately needing RSVP's, so we can plan the catering, so if you haven't already said you are coming, reply either on Facebook, or here - You wouldn't want to miss out on a great night by starving to death without the wonderful food on offer.....

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  1. We do ask to get the FIRST EXCLUSIVE notice of a Red Dress Run. In any case we really hate to find out about it after the fact. How can we get on your radar for 2015? RedDressRuns@gmail.com * www.reddressruns.org * www.facebook.com/reddressruns May your trails be true and your beer be cold! On-On!