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Friday, 17 October 2014

Hare Talking

After the wonderful time had by those that crossed over to our relatives in Uruguay last weekend for the Rio de La Plata Hash, it's time to look ahead to what is in store back here in Buenos Aires. As you all know, the Hash is only as good as it's Members, and in order for the Hash to build, Hares are always needed to spread the load, and lay interesting trails in interesting places around the City and beyond.

It often seems that the same Hashers are very keen to Lay Trail, but in truth, we have to thank the repeat hares who step into the breech to design and lay a trail when others are reluctant at coming forward. To be fair, many virgin hares are worried that designing a trail, getting some food sorted etc., is too much for them to take on, but don't Panic! - The Long in the tooth Hashers, (you know who you are), are always willing to help and support new hares - So don't be shy... If you have an idea for a future hash, let someone from the Mis-Managemnet know what you are thinking, don't be backwards at coming forward.

The good news is that if you have missed your hash in recent weeks as you couldn't make it across the River, well, like London Buses, we have three coming up in the next four weeks - Why Three you ask? - Well, firstly, the next is due on the 26th to get back on track, and then the following weekend is Halloween, a Very Special Hash, and then we are back in two-weekly sequence on the 16th November.

So here are the latest dates etc.,

Hash # 635 - Sunday October 26th - Old Hag & Mr Mum

Hash # 636 - Saturday November 1st - Doon Doon & Bad Fly

Hash # 637 - Sunday November 16th - Footsie & Party Pants

Inspect Her Assets

PS - OK, There is another reason for three hashes, I'm Back Home for them all !!!! ON ON ......

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