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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hash #635 - Sunday October 26th, 2014 - The Irishman's Hash

I swear blind I had next to nothing to do with this, but in case you weren't aware, Inspect Her Assets (otherwise known as my good self) will be back in BA for the next month, and for some reason Old Hag & Mr Mum are pulling out there "Green Card" and playing with an Celtic Theme for this weeks Hash, so get your leprechauns out, dust of your Paddy's Day regalia and come on down for a wonderful Hash starting in Plaza San Martin.

On a serious note (Ed's Note - Can IHA ever be serious?), I am looking forward to seeing old friends and new on my return, so without further ado - ON ON.................. Here are the details for Hash #635 this Sunday...

The Irishman’s Hash

When: 26 October 2014 – Sunday
Time: 11:00 to run at 11:30

Location: Retiro / Plaza San Martin area (city center)
Small fountain at corner of Esmeralda and Arenales


Parking: Maipu, Arenales, and Juncal

Bus: Go to Retiro and walk up Maipu

Bring: Mug, Plate or Bowl, Fork, Knife

Wear: Hash Gear – especially GREEN Hash Gear (for Ireland)

Cost: 70 pesos

Hares: The Worthless Irishman (Mr. Mum), Old Hag, Shuffled Around

Expecting great weather at the park for the other Irishman's return.


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